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The Humble Gents

Welcome to The Humble Gentlemen - a website devoted to exploring what it means to embrace authentic masculinity.

Growing up I always admired the “manly men” I saw on television. I always wondered if they really existed. The men that loved to build, be engrossed in nature, could fix almost anything, and were authentic.

A lot of the guys I hung out with looked up to these men as well. We all wanted to be like them. But the only examples we had were in Hollywood.

There was a time though, when these types of men existed. We often here about the greatest generation for example. Our country was founded on the principles laid bare by men like this. Yet many of us feel lost. We’ve misplaced the self-confidence, motivation, skills, and qualities that these great men embodied. Today we see a stripping of manliness to the point where many men feel more like eunuchs then anything. And this stripping has left men separate, struggling with their identities, angry and sexless. We have forgotten, or perhaps never known, what it means to be a seasoned mature man.

Where my generation had great men to look up to, even if only on television, today’s generation is inundated with images of sex, money, and six-pack abs.

The Humble Gentlemen seeks to explore once again, what it means to be masculine. To offer an ancient right and insight to those who are searching for a way to be a man than beyond money, power and a hot woman.

The Humble Gentlemen is a site where we explore coming of age at whatever age. We dive into all things masculine — from the solemn and ethical to skills and fun.


We yearn to discover the authentic and real, to live a life of virtue and skill. At the end of the day, we look to blend these virtues and skills to offer men a way to live an authentic meaningful life.

Ultimately, The Humble Gentlemen is here to encourage man to be better partners, fathers, and friends.


From a product development perspective we look to cater to those looking for the small batch and hand crafted.


From balms and oils to our soaps, we use only high quality organic products.


Our coffees are roasted in small batches using organic, free trade beans.


Why? Because it matters.  


My son is special needs which means that my wife and I have spent countless hours and countless dollars trying product after product to help him.  His skin is super sensitive so we decided to go the all natural route. We found that the majority of products were priced outside of our affordability range or the companies used fillers to keep costs down.  Dead end after dead end led us to begin making our own products-soaps, shampoos and oils that would help and heal without crushing our bank account.  Later, as my epic beard began to grow, I found the same challenge in the man care industry.


Taking what we learned with my son, I applied myself to man care/self care products and abracadabra The Humble Gents was born. Every product we create is crafted with quality and safety in mind. Something that my kids and future generations can be proud of.


One final note: We donate 10% of every purchase to support various charities. So you'll look great, and you'll feel great too. 


I hope you enjoy pursuing our site and I hope you find something that calls to you.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Cheers-Chuck Thompson