Moisturizing Hair and Body Soaps

After a lot of consideration, customer feedback and trials I've decided to tweak our soap recipe.  Over the next couple of months you'll notice that we're changing out the Shea Butter for Hemp Oil. I'll be posting a blog post soon to explain the reasons and benefits of going this route. 

A splendidly nourishing combination of coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil and vitamin E make our luxurious soap a treasure-trove of organic skin-enhancers that will not strip away the natural oils.

This creates a softer, cleaner result that won’t come at the detriment of your skin.

Pure essential oils, impart our soap with a warm scent that is understated and yet distinguishing. 

The soap is slightly over-sized yet comfortable to hold. This is a mild cleanser that will rouse and revive your skin in natural oils while moisturizing and nourishing your beard.